Thursday, 26 January 2012

01. Around Pattaya - Darkside - Lake Mabprachan

Pattaya is a popular holiday beach resort at Thailand's East coast but for those who like see more of the daily life and want to get away from the beach scene and hassle of downtown Pattaya there are also quite a few other areas to visit and to stay.

One of those area's is better know is the 'Darkside', it's the area East of Sukhumvit road / railroad and look more like a country side area then a town. here there are many places to stay, eat, drink and recreate (play golf at Siam Country Club for example).

A nice trip is the one around Lake Mabprachan, with some nice views and places to eat/drink.

See the map below of an impression of the area (the red line shows a possible route to get to Lake Mabprachan from Sukhumvit road).

If you want to explore the area (you better do it in the daytime as street lightening is limited at night, therefore the name Darkside lol) then renting a motorbike (scooter that is) is the best option; this can be done in Pattaya on a daily or weekly basis and will cost around 100-200 Baht a day depending on type op bike and the duration.

See an impression of the lake (and the bike) in the video below (apologies for the noise, windy !!).